The Fire in the Sky is a Western March-style D&D 5e campaign. In a Western March game, there are no regular times and no regular parties. You can drop in and drop out of sessions whenever you like with whatever character you like. It’s hard as balls too, so bring your grown-up pants.

Only the bravest and most foolhardy heroes need apply. Fourteen years ago, the young King Odolf’s first order was to send out a Protector to the island of Aleanna. Their task? Establish control over that wild and dangerous land. While much blood has been spilled, there has been precious little progress. Most know that the horrors lurking on this isle are terrible indeed and stay well clear, but every so often there are folks brave enough to venture through the bulwark and into the wilds. There is glory and fortune ripe for the taking!

The Fire in the Sky

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